Pets are Always Welcome at Wild Wood!

We understand how much joy a pet brings to a family.  That's why we hope you'll bring yours along when you stay with us.  There are never extra fees for pets, and by remembering a few common sense rules, you and your four-legged family member will enjoy a fun-filled time at Wild Wood. 


A camp friendly pet is...

  • Well adjusted to large groups of people and other pets
  • Easy to control with voice commands
  • Not an excessive noise maker
  • Very good with children
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A camp friendly pet owner...
  • Always keeps their pet on a leash
  • Controls any excessive barking
  • Carries a bag to clean up after their pet at all times
  • Never leaves their pet unattended
  • Keeps their pet out of all buildings and lakes, off the swim beach, and out of the playground
  • Keeps a current record of all immunizations and insurance for their pet

Got a great photo of your pet
enjoying time at Wild Wood?
We'd LOVE to see it!  Just send it
to us at:
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